Things have grown emotional and chaotic. But there is a glimmer of hope…

Oh oh all of a sudden all kinds of things that are highly emotional and non-mathematical arise. Stuff like a close but young family member still being suicidal and a young neighbor that was arrested by the local police and is now in the intensive care of the local psychic hospital.

And to finish it off, all of a sudden after waiting far too many years I decided to press some child neglectance/abuse charges related to the boy in the intensive care.
And, just a detail: If you have a very severe spychotic behavior like the boy in the IC of course this could have a pure biological foundation.
But if your mommy is a full blown psychopath this does not do much good either…

Yet I have to say that although this stuff is highly emotional I think I like it.
After all these years finally there could be a small chance of fundamental change for those kids suffering from the psychopath mommy…

We will wait and see.


On the math front I have not been sitting on my hands but stuff is not finished by far.
So the new coordinate system has about one week of delay.
On the naming of the coordinate system it is just about thinking about the name for a new baby and I am more and more leaning to the name that is also a functional description:

[a, r, t] coordinates.

Why not? The three letters a, r and t are how you need to calculate them in that very order.
And the word art stands for stuff that is supposed to be beautiful but also make you think a bit more. As the days go by the less I am in favor of naming this new coordinate system with names like:

  1. Cone coordinate system, or
  2. Conial coordinates, or
  3. Shifted cone coordinate system, or
  4. More stupid names.

No, why not choose [a, r, t] coordinates as the name for this new coordinate system?

On the other website I have posted the first update that studies how the length of two 3D circular numbers change when you multiply them. So given the reactangular coordinates (a, b, c) of A and (x, y, z) of X, what is the length of the product AX?

Here is the link:

From 06 May 2016 : On the length of the product of two 3D numbers.

Ok let me end this update, till the next post.

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