I am sorry but for the time being the comments are turned off…

About four days ago suddenly the comment section of the third post on the Schrödinger equation got activated and about 100 comments did stream in every day.

Now about six months ago when I started this new website I did allow for comments made by readers but it never worked properly. So, what my own life concerns, I was in that perfect super-position of being a friendly person (allowing people to comment) and being a psychopath that sees little value in communicating with normal people (not allowing people to make comments).

And I also did not know how to repair the problem, just like the problem with the categories in the beginning of this website: it just does not work but you have no fucking clue as why it does not work. And now when the categories work perfectly I do not know why they work perfectly…

Anyway to make a long story short: This evening I made some upgrades to this website and I hope that I will not see any longer all those weird spam for buying viagra online or looking at advertisements for videos from lady boys.

Not that I am against viagra: If you are a stupid person and you keep on eating bread several times a day and as a result your arteries begin to clog, you can go to your medical doctor.

Your medical doctor will prescribe you viagra and will not tell you ‘stop eating that fucking bread’.

And if you are a retard, you will buy viagra online…


Ok, after having said that in the next week I will finally publish a relatively long update on the new [a, r, t] coordinate system. It is all finished on some very minor details so the process of turning this into a new set of pictures can begin.

See you around, think well & live well.