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Christmas post on magnetic monopoles.

This is a short update because this week I bought myself a second hand particle accelerator for just 6 €. It has a vacuum chamber and three electron cannons, the vacuum chamber is coated with phosphoric materials so that when particles from the cannons smash into it, a nice quantum related photon comes out.

This means: For 6 Euro I bought myself a small old color television.

It does not have much to do with higher dimensional complex numbers, but for myself speaking I think that all spin half particles are in fact magnetic monopoles.

Now since we live in the year 2015 we can also purchase rather cheap very strong magnets.
In the next photo you see a combination of those strong magnets with the three electron guns.

As you see on inspection: There is a circular part where the electrons do not reach the screen.
But in my view, if electrons were magnetic dipoles this would never happen.

Yet it happens… So think about it for a short time; what explains that weird circular ring where all electrons have gone void?


If those small electrons were magnetic dipoles, can you explain this result?

Have a nice Christmas & till updates.

From Hamilton to my first try.

It seems that the irish math guy sir Hamilton has sought three dimensional complex numbers for a staggering long period of 15 years. After 15 years he found the four dimensional quaternions, that is nice stuff but for differentiation and integration the quaternions are about the biggest disaster there is around.

Therefore, beside linear transformations, there is no functional analysis on the quaternions.

In this post I originally wanted to give you some link to some stuff that was labeled under the name ‘Alan’s pages’ but I cannot find them back. Alan did everything wrong just like Hamilton did:
Basically they start with the comlex and try this to extend to 3D space; that stuff is guaranteed to fail hard.
Anyway, my first try was a surface named the Riemann surface of the logarithm although at the time I found it I did not know what Riemann surfaces were. This update is five pictures long each 550 by 550 pixels. Have fun reading it.




0005=20Dec2015=Hamilton_and_first_try04 0005=20Dec2015=Hamilton_and_first_try05In another development I wrote reason number 12 as why electrons have to be magnetic monopoles, later this week I will hang this into the other website on the page on magnetic stuff. It is about the plasma they use in nuclear fusion reactors, the plasma is not stable and the physics professors do not understand why this is.
Well these torus shaped fusion reactors constantly accelerate the plasma particles until they get relativety effects, the basic concept of torus shaped reactors is basically what is wrong with it…

Anyway, till updates.

Cauchy-Riemann equations for the complex plane and for 3D complex numbers.


In itself the name of ‘Cauchy-Riemann equations’ is a terrible way of naming these equations because it says nothing about why they are important.

It would be better to name the stuff involved like ‘Chain rule equations for partial derivatives’ because if that would be the case you would understand why these equations are worth your precious time anyway…

This update is 8 pictures of size 550 by 550 pixels or about 5 pages of A4 size if crafted in the A4 size format.
Now why are CR equations important?
Very simple: You can find the derivative of a function just like on the real number system or in the complex plane. That is why CR equations are the basic food for understanding higher dimensional complex number systems…

Enough of the bla bla, here are the 8 pictures:











This stuff is basic stuff so it should be hanging out on this new website.

Till update my dear reader.

A short advertisement for 3D complex numbers.

To the date exactly 22 months ago on 09 Feb 2014 I posted that picture of an impression of a large black hole swallowing in matter and recycling a large fraction of that matter into energy.

I did do that because the structure of that plane and the two beams shooting out has a strong resemblense of how the non-invertible 3D complex numbers look:
That is a plane with a line perpendicular through it going through the 0 (of course 0 is the most non-invertible number in the world because it destroys all eigenvalues and not just a handfull of them).

For myself speaking I was under the impression that if the largests structures in the world look very much like 3D complex or circular numbers when it comes to non-invertability, one way or the other institutions like universities or academia would show some form of rudimentary interest.

After all every day all these university people always say they are in favor of progress.
Just as easy as we see zero point zero progress from all universities, just as easy we are once more years further down the timeline, just as easy we can jump to the conclusion university people do not want progress. They want to stick to the old and ancient ways because that is the way they behave day in day out, year in year out…


Anyway, we have not talked on this website about how to figure out what numbers have an inverse and what numbers are invertable. So you have to believe on my word that in the next picture the given formulaes are just an approximation for those non-invertibles.
Do not worry about the 0.1 that is in there: It should be 0 but in that case the line perpendicular to the main plane would not be good visible.

After the bla bla, here is the short advertisement for 3D complex (and circular) numbers:


0003=09Dec2015=short-advertisement02So this is the conduct of the university people: If someone comes around with some good idea’s, why not stay silent year in year out decade in decade out?

But it has to be remarked that since the year 1990 the Dutch universities have been very good at burning tax payer money & that is the reason universities exist:
They are only there to burn tax payer money.

Till updates.

Eight pages on 6D numbers (containing 3D and 2D complex numbers).

The day before yesterday I finished an 8 page long update on six dimensional complex numbers from the viewpoint of inclusion and extension.

So basically I show that the complex plane and the 3D complex numbers are included in the 6D space while the other way around you can make a 6D space starting with the 2D and 3D complex spaces.
Inclusion and extension of complex spaces


Well well, I still have a long learning curve to do on this new website because you can also make pictures shown at their real size…

Ok, now the previous website has gotten so much attention it would be time to post a bit more stuff in here. After all after just a few weeks and almost no content at all weirdly enough it already ranks relavtively high in the search engine stuff.

Another problem to be solved is that the comment section does not work and even the categories are disfunctional… Very likely this wordpress theme is developed by somebody that has no math insight at all. Why can I make categories while they do not work???
Beat’s me. Anyway, till updates.