Eight pages on 6D numbers (containing 3D and 2D complex numbers).

The day before yesterday I finished an 8 page long update on six dimensional complex numbers from the viewpoint of inclusion and extension.

So basically I show that the complex plane and the 3D complex numbers are included in the 6D space while the other way around you can make a 6D space starting with the 2D and 3D complex spaces.
Inclusion and extension of complex spaces


Well well, I still have a long learning curve to do on this new website because you can also make pictures shown at their real size…

Ok, now the previous website has gotten so much attention it would be time to post a bit more stuff in here. After all after just a few weeks and almost no content at all weirdly enough it already ranks relavtively high in the search engine stuff.

Another problem to be solved is that the comment section does not work and even the categories are disfunctional… Very likely this wordpress theme is developed by somebody that has no math insight at all. Why can I make categories while they do not work???
Beat’s me. Anyway, till updates.

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