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A small update on the Wendelstein ‘contest’.

About a year ago I proposed as small contest with the Wendelstein fusion reactor folks from the Max Planck institute in Germany. The proposal was done on Oct 25 last year. Here is a link:

Now Oct 2019 they have done nothing yet…

Yes they have done nothing yet so it looks like the contest can go on in the year 2020. A few days back there was a new Youtube video out with Hartmut Zohm where he gives a lecture for a ‘general public’. Since I have seen plenty enough videos like that, for me it was a very boring experience but I decided to suffer hefty for a nobel purpose…
The video is also in the German language, for some this might be a problem. So it is a boring video but since I use it as a ‘source’ let’s post it:

At Hartmut his side, everything was exactly the same as one year ago: All physics is sound understood, this must be it. But this time he also mentions the turbulence, in a professional manner he sweeps that one under the rug by stating:
We don’t even understand turbulence in water, so with plasma it is even a bit more difficult.
I had to laugh hard, Hartmut is a great comedian…

In my view where I think it is more likely electrons carry magnetic charge, the main magnetic field for containing the plasma is the root cause for a ton of turbulence. And that is simply explained by the large acceleration the electrons have while the two different magnetic charges will travel in opposite directions. That should give tons and tons of turbulence. Anyway that is my take on it: It will never work because the electrons get accelerated to relativistic speeds…

At the universities nothing will change. No proof will be given that the electron is a magnetic dipole. (The most retarded explanation I ever observed was: The electron is a magnetic dipole! And how do we know that? Because of the Stern-Gerlach experiment! It goes in two directions and therefore it is a magnetic dipole!)
And also no experimental proof (a better word is evidence) that electrons carry a magnetic charge beside the electric charge.

Let me end this post with a little joke:
The ppp (professional physics professors) always say the electron pair is one spin up and one spin down electron. So they pair up north pole to north pole or south pole against south pole…

Ok, it is not a funny joke, but you can also cry about it if you want to. Anyway I hope that in Oct 2020 I will not forget to update on this very important contest by showing you next year once more nothing has happened…
Till updates my dear reader.

On a simple yet curious integral identity.

In a pile of paper notes I found back this curious identiy, shall I throw it away or write a small post upon it? Most things I throw away, if I would write posts about everything that comes along this website would be 1340 posts long…

I found it in a video from Presh Talwalkar, Presh runs the video channel ‘Mind your decisions’ on Youtube. There is only a tiny problem: I can’t find back the original video. And since Presh has posted about 518 video’s it would take a long long time to find that video back. So no video included.

Anyway the video started more or less like next: Presh throws in three difficult looking integrals and asks his viewers to take five minutes and try out if they can find the answer. It looks like those integrals are for relatively fresh students and I was just like ‘you can’t ask such integrals for starting students!’ But likely those students had seen this identity and as such those nasty looking integrals could be solved with two fingers in the nose if they just recognized it to be this curious identity…

By the way, Presh his channel has about 1.4 million subscribers. My applause goes to Presh. One point four million is not a bad result, for example the university sponsored channel Numberphile has over three million subscribers so on his own Presh is doing just fine.

So this post is not about 3D numbers, complex or circular but upon this identity. It is only three pictures long so it won’t take much of your precious time. Let’s go:

It is just a u-substitution…

Of course with symmetric I mean a function that is even with respect to the midpoint of the interval [a, b]. Let’s try if we can post a link to the Presh Youtube channel: Mind your decisions.

Ok, that was it for this post. No idea yet what the next post is about, after all most things I just throw away. So till updates my dear reader.

Two parametrizations for 3D exponential circles.

It is about high time I post the solution in parametrization form of those five equations from 03 Oct 2019. That is almost 2 months back and oh how ashamed am I for my laziness… But for me math is a hobby, an important hobby but a hobby anyway. So other hobby’s are allowed to interfere with my little math hobby.

This post is 10 pictures long and at the end there is a horrible bad video from the Youtube channel Seeker. Begin this week I crossed that video with an intriguing title; Could These Numbers Unravel New Dimensions in Space? I was just curious but it is that Cohl Furey stuff again. It is an attempt to explain particle physics via complex number, quaternions and octonions… What do they have in common? These number systems are always fields that means all non-zero numbers have an inverse. Why the professional math professors find that so important is unknown to me, it is more like they have nothing else in the toolbox. If you are interested you can find the Cohl Furey video’s on Youtube.

In this post I too write about things that are common in the complex plane, complex and circular 3D numbers and 4D complex numbers. You can use the modified Dirichlet kernels as the building blocks for all possible exponential circles or in the case with 4D complex numbers: the exponential curve (in 4D space the curve is in a 3D hyper plane).

But I also wanted to show you the original cosine solution that I found years ago. To this day it is still amazing that the cosine can pull it off; that the cosine can be a building block for a 3D exponential circle. Next year it will be three decades ago when I found the 3D complex numbers and got interested in them. At present day you can wonder why there is never a healthy response from the math communuty. It is all very logical: if there is no healthy response that means the math community in itself cannot be healthy. It is just a community of perfumed princes and that’s it.

After so much blah blah it is high time to go to the ten pictures:

So from the complex plane in two dimensions to 4D complex space; a binding element is how you can use the modified Dirichlet kernels and their time lags to construct these very interesting parametrizations. Of course there is much more that binds those spaces together; the matrix representations are all very similar, just like the eigen values and eigen vectors. But above 2D it is never a field. And again why the professional math professors have this weird fixation on fields is completely unknown to me.
At last, here is that wonderful video that will make your toes curl

End of this post and thanks for your attention!