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New magnetic update + some pictures related to the post on the general theorem of Pythagoras.

I know I know I have not posted very much lately. There was plenty of material to craft new posts from but I skipped easily writing 10 posts or so because I am also wondering as why the so called ‘professional professors’ never make a move.

For the math professors this is 100% logical: If you are math stupid to the bone, you will never understand 3D complex number systems. But why the physics professors do not react in any way is completely unknown to me. Ok ok, for example their explanation of how permanent magnets work is very very strange. They formulate it often this way:

In a permanent magnet all spins align themselves.

That is a very stupid explanation and if you meet a physics professor and you whisper softly ‘quantum computer’ they start talking about atoms and electrons that can be in two places at the same time and that electrons can be in a so called super position of being spin up and spin down at the same time…

So in a permanent magnet the electrons and their spins are glued into place permanently while if those people need more funding all of a sudden even atoms can be in two places at the same time…

It is important to stress that the professional physics professors have a one 100% lousy explanation about how permanent magnets work. They completely miss the important fact permanent magnets have their magnetism because of the place of unpaired electrons inside the inner shells of those magnets… Here is my 04 Jan 2017 explanation of it on this very website:

How permanent magnets work, the official version against what I think of it.


On 19 March I posted reason number 46 as why electrons cannot be magnetic dipoles on the other website. It is about so called BCS theory that explains super conductivity using so called phonons.

It is a very very very strange theory because just one unpaired electron is capable of distorting a metal lattice at low temperatures to such an extend that another electron is attracted and as such super conductivity emerges…

It is an imbecile kind of theory, in my point of view it is a  basic thing is that the electron pair is magnetically neutral that gives rise to the emerging of super conductivity. And at that point we have the perfect collision with my views on magnetism and the professional view:

The professionals think that the electron is a magnetic dipole because about 150 years ago a guy named Gauss did write down some fancy math explaining flux conservation. I love that kind of math but it just does not go for the electron, furthermore there is zero experimental proof for the electron being a magnetic dipole.

Here is the link that replaces the official BCS theory by a model for super conductivity as I see it:

19 March 2017: Reason 46: BCS theory says electron pairs are bosons…

Don’t forget: It is not a theory but a model.
Yet it should cover all kinds of super conductivity materials from the old school stuff from 1911 by Heike Kamerling Onnes to the present day high temperature super conductors named cuprates.


After having said the above I am pleased to post five more pictures on the general theorem of Pythagoras. I know that in the last post I said this is the final post but then I was not capable of producing the pictures as shown below.

Here they are, only five pictures with very very simple math in it.

Have fun reading it!

Ok, that was it.

Have a nice life or try to get one.

And in case you are a professor in physics; why not cough up for the first time in you life that the electron is indeed a magnetic dipole???

Why not? A tiny bit of experimental proof would be great.

End of this post, till updates.