Christmas post on magnetic monopoles.

This is a short update because this week I bought myself a second hand particle accelerator for just 6 €. It has a vacuum chamber and three electron cannons, the vacuum chamber is coated with phosphoric materials so that when particles from the cannons smash into it, a nice quantum related photon comes out.

This means: For 6 Euro I bought myself a small old color television.

It does not have much to do with higher dimensional complex numbers, but for myself speaking I think that all spin half particles are in fact magnetic monopoles.

Now since we live in the year 2015 we can also purchase rather cheap very strong magnets.
In the next photo you see a combination of those strong magnets with the three electron guns.

As you see on inspection: There is a circular part where the electrons do not reach the screen.
But in my view, if electrons were magnetic dipoles this would never happen.

Yet it happens… So think about it for a short time; what explains that weird circular ring where all electrons have gone void?


If those small electrons were magnetic dipoles, can you explain this result?

Have a nice Christmas & till updates.

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