The second hybrid: a 4D mix of the complex and the circular plane.

Update from 30 Nov: My health problems persist, my right wrist is still swollen and hot all the time. So after one week it is clear I need to see a doctor…
Anyway I can type text with one hand so here we go:

In this update I talk about the circular plane because I want to use the same language in 2D as in 3D or higher, yet for those living in the mud this stuff is mostly named split complex numbers. There are more names going round: for those people that do not understand what the conjugate of a number is and how to find those, they name it hyperbolic numbers.

This update is about finding the log of the first and only imaginary unit of the circular (also named split or hyperbolic) numbers. This mathematical goal can only be achieved by replacing the real scalars in the circular plane by numbers from the complex plane.
That replacement stuff is known in my household as the Sledgehammer Theorem, this theorem says you can more or less always replace scalars by higher dimensional numbers. But this has to make some sense; for example you have a number from the complex plane like z = a + bi, now if you replace the two real numbers a and b with general numbers from the complex plane you did not gain much.  As a matter of fact you gained nothing at all because you are still inside the complex plane and other people will only laugh at you:

That is just like the way Donald Trump will expand the US economy

For myself speaking I do not understand that a math result as in this post is more or less unknown to the professional math community. How can it be that Euler has all that stuff of finding the God formula while century in century out the math professors make no progress at all?

Every day I am puzzled by this because I am not ultra smart or so, it is only my emotional system is a bit different: I never get scared when hunting down some good math


Anyway from the mathematical point of view I am proud of this ten picture long update: it is as close as possible to the calculation that unearthed the very first exponential circle. That was the discovery that in the complex plane the log of i is given by i pi over 2.











Need a cold shower by now?

Want to restore your faith in the old masters with their superior use of math?

Try the next video from the Youtube channel, it only uses insights from the circular plane and he runs fast and far: The Lorentz boost inside special relativity:

Split complex numbers and the Lorentz boost.

Let’s leave this update with that, have a good life or try to get one.

Update from 04 Dec 2016: I would like to post the number one wiki when you do an internet search of split complex numbers. (There are all kinds of names going round, but the circular plane is also the split complex number plane for sure.)
As usual all that stuff has the conjugate wrong, but in the next wiki you see more or less the combined wisdom of the math community when it comes to expanding the complex plane to higher dimensions. (It is a dry desert, human brains are not that fit for doing math):

Split-complex number.

Once more: those people have got it wrong about how to find the conjugate and as such you can also find lots of pdf files about circular (or split-complex) numbers that say they are hyperbolic numbers.
The common fault is that they use the conjugate just as if you conjugate an ordinary complex number from the complex plane.

I remember I did that too for a couple of years until it dawned on me that we are only looking at the projections of the determinant; it has nothing to do with lengths, even in the complex plane it is not the norm of the complex number but it’s matrix representation and the determinant.

All stuff you find on this on the internet is nothing but shallow thinking.

End of this update, see yah in the next post.