Happy new year! + I hope you drank enough beer during the feast while I only post a picture showing math superiority before cracking down on physics professors in the next post…

Once more a happy new year! Luckily the number 2017 is a prime number but let us not talk on 2017-dimensional complex number systems but keep it simple:

In the next post I will explain to you how permanent magnets work in detail, you might think ‘wow man permanent magnets are studied for centuries and longer’ but my point is they had it wrong on important details.

But if you go to a high paid physics professor and you say ‘wow man your ideas upon permanents magnets are based upon electrons being the source of magnetic dipole behavior’, most of the time you get a cold shoulder.

These imbeciles, those professional physics professors they cannot even explain permanent magnets and they only do ‘bla bla bla the Gauss law of magnetism says that more bla bla is the only way forward’.

That kind of behavior is very interesting, why make nonsense to be your basic line of reasoning?


I have nothing more to say; in the next post I will explain how permanent magnets work, how they get permanent magnetism and how they can loose it.

For the time being because I am well aware of how arrogant all these physics professors are, I simple post and infinite product that shows how my own brain handles the stuff that flows in:


By the way, I crafted the outcome of this limit to 1/2 because when we talk electrons in the next post they are known as spin half particles. Beside this it is estimated that all professional physics people will react strongly dismissive of the simple fact that electrons cannot be magnetic dipoles…

Come on, this is the year 2017 and there will be no mercy for the physics professors.
Let’s leave it with that.