The 3D Mandelbrot set. Part two.

With my previous post I thought that I am leaving behind a lot of readers into the woods. But the goal of this new website is making easy to digest updates.

Therefore just three pictures explaining a bit more about the 3D Mandelbrot set.
I wish the computer code writing folks a lot of luck; if you are the first that
has a view on the 3D Mandelbrot set you have won the race.

By the way; out there is something known as the Mandelbulb or so. It looks nice but believe it has nothing to do with the 3D Mandelbrot set. This Mandelbulb thing is not based upon a reliable way of multiplication in three dimensions, the results they found are nice looking but it is just not based on a rigid way of 3D multiplication…

Anyway, here are three pictures all sized 550 by 550 pixels that should shine a bit more light on the minds of those that write the code:




On a video channel named Numberphile from Google they have a good explanation about how to color the pixels according to the Mandelbrot scheme. Here is the link:
The Mandelbrot Set – Numberphile

In all dimensions where complex numbers can be defined, you can do this…
Till updates, think well and live well.

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