Correction on the 08 Dec 2015 post; there are two typo’s…

It is not a big deal because every person who understands a bit about how matrix representations work sees instantly these must be two typo’s.

But recently about once a week I am scanning how this new website is doing in search engines like Google. And I am very satisfied, every post can now pop up as a separate search result and for example on pictures to my surprise the next picture popped up as pic number six if you search for ‘3d complex numbers’.
This is the version with the two typo’s in it:

0002=02Dec2015=teaser_6D_complex_numbersAnd here is the corrected version:


So it is not a big deal but if a search result ends that high it is not unwise to correct it.
And to be honest, I know for years that you can craft let’s say 15 dimensional complex numbers from 3D and 5D complex numbers.
But to be honest, I had never done it until the December update from last year.

And I have learned some stuff too, only if you dive into those technical details like how those basis vectors are actually related you appreciate it so much more.
You know the nicest thing about higher dimensional complex numbers is very simple: I know for sure I am about one of the first humans to hang around in those spaces.
Beside the mathematical beauty the stuff has, it has also that old stuff like discovering new lands that is basically baked into the human genome.

Ok, enough of the phylosofical bla bla. Till updates.

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