And now we are with three…

In Oct 1990 (estimated) I found the 3D complex numbers, a few years back I discovered that a guy named Dennis Morris has found them too. Dennis even wrote a book about it, this book was published twice and I was able to get a hand on the second publication.

For normal humans the book from Dennis is a good starter, for me it has the depth of a bird bath.

We do not complain, today on the preprint archive I found the next pdf file:

On a novel 3D hypercomplex number system

And this work has not the depth of a bird bath, it is much more the depth of a human bathtub.
There ar some dumb typo’s, for example table 1 contains a very stupid error so that has to be corrected.

The writer of the preprint article goes under the name of Shlomo Jacobi and since his residence was Israel we might jump to the conclusion he was a Jew. Let religion be no problem because after all the Muslims were once far ahead of the Western powers but because one of their religious leaders declared math as being from the devil, Muslims find themselves at the receiving end of military powers for about one thousand years…

Now back to our Jewish pdf file: Table 1 should be corrected and I, Reinko Venema, I give them a big applause because if you scroll down to page 39 you observe they have found the 3D exponential circle too!

Well I have found all exponential curves in all possible dimensions, so I am very pleased to invite the Jewish mathematical community upon further investigations into this math detail.

End of this update, till updates.

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