A brand new coordinate system for 3D complex and circular numbers under development.

With great success I was able to kill my frustration. There are many ways to combat heavy upcomming frustration, for example you could go running against the wind until you are so heavily exhausted that all frustration is gone.

But this time I did it differently: Within a timespan of at most three minutes I finally wrote down that calculation that I avoided for so long, for so many years. And within this small time frame suddenly I was bombarded by sphere and cone equations telling me that story I should have discovered so many years ago.

Within this unloading of a huge amount of frustration I discovered how the length changes when you multiply two 3D cokmplex numbers, say X and Y.
All these years I never understood properly what drove the length of the product XY.

And this result eased my mind, I was no longer frustrated that all those incompletent people get boatloads of money every month while I live in relative poverty compared to those saleries.
And I went to work and I discovered an amazingly strange but also very easy to understand completely new coordinate system for 3D space.

It is not for any ordinary 3D vector space, you must equip it with either the complex or circular multiplication, but it is so beautiful that I hope it will survive in the long run.

I have not decided on a name yet, for the time being I name it ‘special coordinates’. Since cones play such a major role the name ‘cone coordinates’ might be the right thing to do.
But there are already Conical Coordinates yet they act like the common point of 3 non parallel planes; it is the intersection of two cones with a sphere…


All in all I will post the stuff on length preserving/shrinkage/extra growth on the other website in page 4 on the higher dimensional complex numbers.

And on this website I will post an entry with this new coordinate system

So that’s the planning for the time being, till updates.

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