An important correction on a very very stupid typo…

Let’s not do difficult: there are typo’s and there are typo’s.

The one kind is for every body directly to understand ‘this is a typo’ and the brain pops up what should be the correct thing standing there.

And there is that kind of typo that is a disaster in people trying to understand what this stuff actually means.

I am sorry I messed things up, but it is like picture six on the previous update on the length of complex numbers that must have been a root cause of much disunderstanding.

In the next picture I show you the correction: in that matrix it now reads log r instead of only r.

Why I was that stupid a few weeks ago is non of your business, but by now stuff is repaired and we no longer have this horrible mistake around any longer…


Ok, let’s leave it with that. Till updates.

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