The giant magneto effect explained using logic and discard the belief that electrons are ‘tiny magnets’.

Yesterday I did the same explanation on the other website and today I thought why not post that picture on this website too. Years ago when I met this giant effect for the first time I relatively soon figuered out that if my view on electrons as being magnetic monopoles is true, the giant magneto effect is one of the best examples of this.
The giant magneto effect is important because this was the basis of making very small magnetic sensors and as such those old spinning hard disk in your computer could suddenly contain much more bits & bytes.
So you might think that understanding electron spin is an important thing if it lays at the basis of so much technology. Yet important or not, the weirdo’s from the universities keep on talking about electron spin as it was a tiny magnet.

Anyway, the giant magneto effect is about the resistance an electrical current meets when passing through a multi-layered semi conductor material.
If we assume that electrons are not fucking stupid tiny magnets but are always magnetic monopoles that never ‘flip’ their spin, all of a sudden things become logical.
I have only one picture to show to you, it was the one I made yesterday and in the upper half of that picture it is supposed there is an electrical current, say electrons going from the left to the right.

The giant magneto resistance effect says that if the two outer layers have opposite magnetic directions, there is more electrical resistance…

Please remark this is logical if electrons are magnetic monopoles; if they meet two different magnetic charges about 100% of these electrons feel some kind of resistance. If the two magnetic layers have the same ‘orientation’ as they say, oops the electrical current is capped by at most 50%.

Let me ask the fucked up physics professors the next question: Can you please use you stupid ‘tiny magnet’ theory explaining why the electrons in the lower half of this picture meet more electrical resistance?

Likely you can’t and that is why you are fucking stupid.

Just like you are fucking stupid when you ‘explain’ why an electron pair must have opposite spin numbers. That is Pauli’s exclusion principle…

Well good luck my dear physics professors with being stupid. Is that the way your brain runs all of the time? I guess it is and it will be for many more years to come.