Integral calculus done with matrix diagonalization.

Two days ago I posted a nice six page long update about two nasty integrals that are very hard to crack using standard math.
May be it is also possible via other methods I do not know…


In the previous month I made it a math challenge to crack this nasty looking integral with the cosine stuff in it, the picture above is a so called teaser picture and it dates back to 4 Oct 2015 introducing the math challenge.

Next is a new teaser picture from two days back:



Now for my old eyes it is a bit hard to read but you see some thing with e to the power tau times t in it, this is a new exponential circle just like the unit circle in the complex plane.

Well for me all this php stuff that builds this website is still very new to me, but the good thing is it can make internet pages on the fly using a database. (For example if you select a category you get all posts and pages related to that category and I do not have to make a separate page for that myself. So this should act as a strong improvement…)

Anyway here is a link to the latest update:

Integral calculus done with matrix diagonalization

Ok, later this week I will take on the boring task of writing a few pages on stuff like ‘introduction to higher complex numbers’ and stuff. Now for most people higher dimensional complex numbers are a show very far away from their daily lives or from their bed so to say.
But for centuries people tried to find them, yet these people they all failed.

Back in 1990 I found them and some American guy named Dennis Morris has found them too, yet the mathematical community completely does not react at all showing the incompetence of the average professional math employee…

If you give these people a pot of gold, they think it is a pot of stolen copper.

Let’s leave it with that my dear reader, till updates.


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