Seven properties of the number alpha.

The number alpha is one of my best finds in the field of mathematics. In all kinds of strange ways it connects very different parts of math to one another, for example when it comes to partial differential equations the number alpha plays a crucial role in transforming this of a pile of difficult stuff into something that lives in only one dimension.

You can also use the number alpha for perpendicular projections, you can use it for this and you can use it for that.


Now in the previous post I told you I would write out some of the elementary properties of the number alpha, but when I finished it the thing was about 5 A4 size pages long and that would be about 10 pictures on this new website.

That would be a bit too long and also I had written nothing in the page for 2016 on the other website. So I decided to hang those five A4 pages in the old website and you get a few teaser pictures on this new website.

Here are the three teaser pictures, click on any to land on the alpha update:




The applet I used is a very helpfull tool, you can find it here:

Ok, that was it. Till updates and do not forget to floss your brain a bit every now and then…

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