Just a background picture plus some bla bla bla.

About 10 days ago I took a look at how much pictures I have crafted since the beginning of this website and I decided to take a nice holiday.

So in this update no hardcore math or softcore math, I want to show you just a background picture and talk a bit about that. Here is the picture:


For the human brain if you see things of similar shape but one is smaller compared to the other, most of the time the thing that looks small has a greater distance from where you are.
Of course there are deviations from this: When you see a child standing before a grown up you simply observe a small person standing before a larger one.

Now look carefully at the picture above, constantly the larger things are beyond those one layer smaller and constantly if it is one layer smaller it looks like the lean on the larger one.

It was years ago that by accident I found this kind of stuff, for myself speaking it looks beautiful because it transports your brain instantly into two directions:

  1. The smaller things should be further away &
  2. The smaller things lean on the larger ones so they should be closer…

So this gives a nice discrapency in the brain of the reader, what vision will prevail or will there be some circular insight like a cat trying to catch it’s own tail?


In another development I crafted reason number 24 as why electrons and stuff like that are the long sougth magnetic monopoles, here is a teaser picture for that (click on it to land on the other website on the page about magnetic stuff):

0017=21March2016=Fermi_discovers_giant_lobesOk, that was more or less what I had to say today.
Till updates.

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