Electrons can’t be magnetic dipoles; yet discontinuation of the magnetic pages…:(

After giving it a few months of thought I decided to discontinue the magnetic pages on the other website. For five years I collected reasons as why it is impossible that electrons are magnetic dipoles. Yet it never took off, if I do an internet search on ‘electrons cannot be magnetic dipoles’ weirdly enough it is a result from this website and just nothing from the files on magnetism.

As a comparison if you search for 3d complex numbers the results from the other website still pop up even dating back to the year 2012…

I had to conclude it just does not work and I better use my time for other hobby’s because there is little use in writing every month the stuff found down if nobody is reading it. That is a waste of time.

Of course from the get go five years back I understood it would be a hard sell to explain that it is impossible that electrons are magnetic dipoles to the community of physics. After all there is zero experimental evidence for the electron being a magnetic dipole so it must be some widespread belief not rooted into experimental proof.

There are more explanations possible as why the magnetic pages never took off; for example it could be that on average the physics professors are much more stupid compared to math professors. They are just too dumb or may be just too arrogant to give it a second thought.

Another possible reason for the failure of the internet search engines could be that in general people are just much more interested in math and not so much in physics. A clue to that could be the extreme popularity of a channel named ‘Numberphile’ on youtube. The guy that runs that channel has much more channels like stuff on physics but that seems to be far less popular.

Whatever it is, I have decided to put an end to it so no more updates in the magnetic pages forever. Here is the last update:

14 Jan  2021: Reason 87: There is ‘too much’ symmetry in the universe.

Yes, over a timespan of five years 87 reasons found while zero response in the internet search engines. In this last reason I quote some words from Gerard ‘t Hooft who is wondering why we only can measure two states for the electron. Well Gerard might have gotten his Nobel prize, but if he keeps on thinking the electron is a magnetic dipole without any fucking experimental proof for that he is a neglectable cognitive quantity.

Inside physics there are many more people that clearly are not very helpfull, take that arrogant piece of shit like a Edward Witten. Always 100% arrogant but just too stupid to understand it is plain impossible for the electron to be a magnetic dipole. How can a guy like Edward explain the results of the Stern-Gerlach experiment while the electron is a magnetic dipole? In my view this only shows that Edward Witten is a mathematical imcompetent person…

But hey I do not want to sound like a sour old man, after all it is with great pleasure but just a little smile on my face that I can write down words like ‘Edward Witten is a mathematical incompetent person’. Please do not think I am driven by hatred, I am not.

Ok, one more clue as why electrons cannot be magnetic dipoles. It is named the Stark effect and this effect is the application of an electric field and that seems to split the spectrum of the photons emmited. But it looks just like the shift in the spectrum of when a magnetic field is applied.
Here is a picture of the spectral shift under application of an electric field:

Oops, that looks just like magnetic splitting…

The above picture is a screen shot from a video source I will not link to.
If those physics people will never grow into adulthood, why take the time and trouble to place correct links and so. Arrogant weirdo’s like Edward Witten from the string theory crazies will only do their own overpaid nonsense…

In life it is important not to get consumed by hatred in the long run because always living in hatred is bad for your health. So you confine you deep hatred to only small attacks that make a bit of fun. After that you shake the hatred off like it is just some water.
And say for yourselve: The next picture shows my bike computer and it says 80 thousand kilometers done. I mean that’s life and listening to the words of Edward Witten is not much of a life…

Wow that is about twice circuling the earth if there would be a bicycle path around our beloved globe. In the next picture I made a cube from it:

And in the last picture also a cube about the results in the previous post where I found some cute results in 3D complex and circular numbers that can be classified as positive Fermat theorems. Now will a piece of shit like Edward Witten ever understand it? I do not care what that weirdo thinks.

But after 350 years of zero progress on the last Fermat theorem, I hope I made a tiny and very small contribution that will survive.

All that modulo stuff is hard to read. So read the previous post!

Ok we are at the end of this post. Till updates.