Correction: My spinning plasma model for sun spots is likely not correct.

Oops I likely made a many year mistake when it comes to the magnetic stuff. Many years ago I had the idea that the magnetism as found in sun spots could possibly explained by spinning plasma underneath the solar surface.
After all if electrons are magnetic monopoles, a spinning cylinder shaped plasma should eject lots of electrons along it’s magnetic field lines. That makes the spinning plasma a terrible good magnet because is a lot of positive charged plasma is spinning that creates strong magnetic fields.

After the original idea it took me about one year there could be a possible mechanism on the sun that creates such spinning plasma structures: The sun rotates faster at the equator as it does at the poles.

Now sun spots often come in pairs with opposite magnetic polarity and in my view I thought the leading sun spot was the one created by a bunch of rotating plasma under it.

It is easy to understand that if the root couse of sun spots was a rotating column of plasma underneath them, on the opposite hemispheres of the sun the leading sun spot should have opposite magnetic polarity. That one always checked true, but for the rotational hypothesis to be true over the solar cycles the polar magneticity of the leading sun spot should always be the same.

And that is where likely my old idea is crashing right now. In the next picture you see what is more or less observed in the last change of the solar cycle, for me this is not funny.

SC24 and SC25 stand for Solar Cycle 24 & 25 and again: for me this is not funny:

Yes it is what it is. But at least as soon as I discover I have made a serious mistake I tell that as soon as possible.
All in all this mistake does not have any impact on the tiny fact that it is impossible for electrons to be tiny magnets, electrons are magnetic monopoles and as such we have two variants of them. So the Gauss law for magnetism is just not true for an individual electron, it is nonsense to say magnetic field lines always loop in on themselves.

But after seven years of explaining this kind of mistakes, that stuff known as the science of physics is not capable of cleaning herself of stupid ideas.

Let’s leave it with that, this correction is a set back but the weirdo’s classified as the physics professors still have to give some experimental proof that electrons are indeed ‘tiny magnets’.