Video ‘proof’ that all chemistry professors are nutjobs.

Over the years I have written about the weird fact that according to the official theory the electron pair is a binding element in chemistry if they have opposite spins. That is very strange because that means the two electrons must be anti-aligned so the binding must happen via a north pole to north pole binding or a south pole to south pole binding.
But if you formulate it that way, instantly everybody understands you are crazy because a magnetic north pole is repelling against another magnetic north pole.
That is why they always talk about the Pauli exclusion principle and that you must use quantum numbers and more of that blah blah blah that is only there to masquerade that the binding is 100% crazy if the official theory upon electron spin was true.
It has to be remarked that if it is true that electrons are tiny magnets (they are not!), in that case it is logical that the binding must be done via equal magnetic charges. So north pole against north pole and the same for the south pole stuff.
Haven’t chemistry professors never heard of the elementary thing about magnetism and electricity: Like charges repel and different charges attrack?

Lets look at electricity first: Suppose you have two metal balls and one is strongly negatively charges so it has a surplus of electrons and the other is very positively charges so it has a deficit of electrons compared to the protons there are in the ball.
It is well known that these two metal balls now feel an attractive force between them. There is even a name for that: These are Coulomb forces. We find this behaviour back on every scale, the smallest example is the most simple atom there is, the hydrogen atom where one proton and one electron behave the same as macroscopic things like metal balls.

Now we look at magnetism: If you have two macroscopic magnets the lowest energy state is when north pole meets south pole. Why is this the lowest energy state? Simply because it costs energy to remove the two magnets. But according to the physics professors and the chemistry professors, in the electron pair the spins are not aligned and as such they are anti aligned.

And nobody remarks this is crazy, on the contrary they rejoice in all that stuff by stating things like “If you think you understand quantum mechanics, you don’t understand quantum mechanics”.

All that weird stuff is based on the idea that magnetic monopoles do not exist and as such even small point like particles must be a tiny magnet. And the idiots fool themselves by believing that the so called magnetic moment of the electron is measured with 12 decimal places exactly. These people are dumb to the bone: they have zero experimental evidence that electrons are tiny magnets while the 12 decimal places thing was done via measuring frequencies. Why do those people get tax payer money for their salaries?

Anyway the simple solution to this all is that electrons are not tiny magnets and as such they are magnetic monopoles. Only in that case we have that in the electron pair the electrons having opposite spin means a south pole to north pole connection.

I have four screen shots before I post the link to the video about computer models of chemical science stuff. So here we go:

This is the model with the earth as the center of the universe.

It took hundreds and hundreds of years to hammer this out of accepted knowledge: The earth is not the center of the universe. It is ironic that Sir Richard Catlow uses this in his video presentation while later he shows that molecular binding via electron pairs. Richard and his fellow chemistry and physics professors prove every day they are stupid by claiming electrons are tiny magnets…

This shows binding via north pole to north pole if we take the color red as a north pole…
Is this science or is it garbage?

I am 100% used to the fact my insights are always neglected. So I do not expect that a relative dumb person like Sir Richard Catlow will give some kind of serious answer. He just will keep on doing his weird stuff without a second thought that it is all not very logical. That is why I can say these people are a nutjob to start with.

The video also contains a jewel from long before the electron was discovered: A model for CH4, it is just so cute that some smart folks figured that out so long ago:

In reality methane is not a flat molecule, but this is ultra cute!

Chemistry and physics professors are all nutjobs because they keep on thinking that electrons are tiny magnets. They just are not scientists because they have zero experimental proof for the things they say about electron spin. They always use the Gauss law for magnetism as some kind of proof that magnetic monopoles do not exist, they have zero experimental proof for that all.

Ok, lets go to the video, it is about one hour long:

Why are they all that stupid year in year out?

End of this post, see you in the next one & thanks for your attention if you too think people so stupid should never get such much tax payer money…