A repeat of the Stern-Gerlach oversight documentary.

The last week I have been working on one of those many video’s out there about spin half particles. To be precise it is a video from a guy named Brant Carlson and at the end this guy comes up once more with a way of calculating the force on a dipole magnet in a non-uniform magnetic field.

I had seen stuff like that before but never tried to make the actual calculation, but yesterday I made it finally and the result was just so bizarre that I just checked and checked over where I made some stupid error.

But I cannot find any error in my easy to understand calculations, so what did I do?

Dipole magnets can have a net force on them in a non-uniform magnetic field because the force on the north pole can differ from that on the south pole.
So I just said: I want the acceleration of the electron to be 1 so only 1/10 of the gravitation force. I used an electron size of 10 to the power -15 and a size of the dipole magnetic field around the electron 10 times as big so 10 to the power -14.

The answer is staggering: For an acceleration of one extra meter per second you need a gradient in the applied magnetic field of about 5 million Tesla per meter. This is totally crazy, as a comparison most MRI machines in hospitals use a magnetic field of 3 to at most 6 Tesla.
Furthermore in the original Stern-Gerlach experiment it were silver ions that were accelerated and a silver atom or ion is about 200 thousand times as heavy as one electron. So in order to get the same acceleration you need a magnetic gradient of about one trillion Tesla per meter…

All in all it looks like a have another perfect reason as why electrons cannot be magnetic dipoles. So that is a good thing.


In the meantime I want to make another advertisement for the next video of about one hour long that is a good oversight upon this very important experiment from the year 1922.

The Stern-Gerlach experiment is so important because I have found out that almost one year later the professional physics professors still do not have a clue about what is happening in that experiment.

And from the beginning the understanding of the outcome of this experiment was a disaster. The Stern & Gerlach folks even thought they discovered spatial quantization…
And Stern later became the first assistant to Einstein, yet Einstein never understood the outcome of the experiment either because if an electron carries both an electric and a magnetic charge this has great influence on understanding light and other em-radiation.

If in the morning you look into a mirror to see your pretty face, all light gets mirrored by the free electrons in the metal that makes up the mirror. But if electrons have two magnetic poles, the magnetic parts of the em-radiation cannot react with the electron and no photon would get mirrored…

Anyway, here is the good but long oversight video once more:

Ok, lets leave it with that for the time being. I think that in a few days time the next relatively long post will be ready. So see you around!